Saturday, December 6, 2008

Introducing Myself

After posting four parts to a SPIRA program that can be viewed below, I would like to tell a little about myself and what motivates me. I've been a visual artist for 40 years working in different media such as paints, both acrylics and oils, watercolors, and prismacolor pencils. As well, I taught tai-chi for 20 years in various places around the world. Anyways, what really motivates me today is the concern that we and our gov't are totally misdirected in our efforts for economic solvency both for the country and for individuals.
It does not appear that Congress nor the President have ever instituted a serious investment of the assets of our country into empowering hard working Americans. Monies are now being given to wall street at an incredible pace while not much is being done for the citizens. It would be fantastic if we would really change our perspectives and would realize that only when Americans are solvent and empowered with a say in their destinies will the country be healthy and productive once again.
If there is to be a new economic plan for us it should be one that considers all working Americans at all income levels. The only viable plan must be one that values both sides of the aisle and not one that creates dichotomy and disharmony. In short, will the new Administration set a precedent in doing something unique. Why not make the new direction be one that starts to make it part of the yearly budget the instituting of SPIRA accounts and the augmenting of these accounts. Make it a priority to establish for families and individuals a real foundation of assets. Lets' do something unusual. Invest in individuals as a means of solvency.
Let me know how sick you feel, as I do, about our present predicament. I do not want to hear from the gov't about any silly patch up job for the economy. Give us something tangible and substantial. Something that will resuscitate our country and provide some means of affording benefits for now and for future generations.

All comments are welcome